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Age before beauty: our new GT3 gives its 18-year-old ancestor some respectful racing room at California’s Thunderhill.

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  • Assuming this image had not been interfered with(!) this demonstrates how much larger each new 911 series is than the last... fact remains that on country roads a smaller car is quicker than a larger car... a new Cayman is quicker than 911 Turbo S... of course on a wider road or track the more powerful car wins every time... but back to real world driving Mr Webber... if we race on narrow country lanes you in a Turbo S and me in a base Cayman you may finish ahead of me but I'll be nudging your bumper. Well OK ramming your bumper as you will stop quicker... shall we try it mate? One of my first 911's in my photo.

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  • I think you should be comparing 99X.2 GT3s as I see the respective 2nd generarions versions being massively improved over their 1st generations.

    1 year ago


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