Agreeing with Aaron for the first time.

Yeah , I get it but...we need to go all out.

Today!! About two minutes ago, my phone got a ping. I heard it when I was doing one of the most important tasks on Blender, deleting the default cube.

So , anyways , back to the ping. I rushed over to my bed and found this. Aaron had a new post , and it was named in a rather cryptic fashion.

It was simply titled : Tonight!

And , I clicked it. With such a cryptic title, you sure are going to get them views.

It was about killing the highest paid boffins of Porsche, nah , just kidding. It was about firing them.

And I agree.

The Issue With Porsche.

As Aaron rightly said, Porsche is repetitive. Porsche is that guy who keeps saying the same thing but in the form of a car manufacturer. They milk as much as possible from the 911 series that the cesspit is now dry.

But there is more to that. And that is Porsche's current brand reputation.

The current line of Porsche models are aimed at either rich men in their midlife crisis or the wives of the rich men in their midlife crisis.

The brand image of Porsche needs a revamp along with their current lineup!

It should not just be a Porsche 911 with other cars with a Porsche 911 face slapped to it. Porsche needs to have a rebrand with many other , bolder looking cars in their line up.

The recent concepts look different but Porsche has to get bolder , better designs.

That's it.

We need something different Porsche, we need more than a 911, a 911 lite, a tall 911 , and a 4 door 911.

And for the first time in my life, I have completely agreed with Aaron. , aka ShutUpAndLetMeSpeak.

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