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AI-Built Batteries Will Be Produced in Europe Starting in 2021

A company called InoBat has developed new battery technology that involves Artificial Intelligence

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According to the co-founder and CEO of InoBat, Marian Bocek, the world's first "intelligent" EV battery has been launched. This marks the start of development of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-produced batteries. The battery was unveiled at the 2020 GLOBSEC Tatra Summit in Slovakia. Speaking at GLOBSEC, Bocek stated, "It is with great pride that I can introduce the world to the first intelligent battery cell. InoBat is a world leader in battery cell innovation, and our vivion to create the best batteries customized to meet the highest performance, safety and cost needs of electric vehicles is today a reality. No other battery cell maker has the technology to discover and demonstrate battery chemistries as quick. InoBat can provide its customers with the 'best' answer".

According to InoBat, the batteries will be developed and produced at the world's first AI-driven R&D battery center starting next year. Although the new battery technology was recently unveiled, InoBat's Gen 1 battery is already outperforming competing battery technology with higher energy density. The company is also developing plans to build a EUR 1 billion 10 GWh Gigafactory that will provide 240,000 electric vehicles with cutting edge battery technology by 2025.

InoBat also aims to accelerate the implementation of electro-mobility solutions in Europe by developing a fully integrated value chain, which supposedly will increase global competitiveness of the Eurpoean economy. It will also aim to provide a long-term sustainable solution to the automotive consumer market.

In order to reach these deadlines, InoBat is backed by investors and other technology comoanies providing them with the funds and resources they need to develop these world-class AI-developed batteries.

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