AIR-COOLED AIRLINES. KickMoto’s Flying Suzuki GS1150 Neo-Racer

When a client with a background in aviation approached KickMoto, they decided to build with a meticulous aircraft attitude. This is the result.

3y ago

More than a decade ago I watched a team rebuild a 1000+hp Subaru WRX engine in just over 20 mins with the lead mechanic screaming, “just slap it together!” On the very next run it broke its class world record; incredible to observe but not the attitude I hoped the Qantas engineers would adopt for the aircraft flying me home. So when a client with a background in aviation engineering approached KickMoto in Halifax, Nova Scotia, they decided to adopt that meticulous aircraft attitude for the build. The result is KM006 an incredible 1985 Suzuki GS1150 Neo-Racer that’s poised and ready to hit the runway.

The client had owned the bike for over a decade riding it plenty and had always wanted to give it the transformation it deserved but a lack of time and the right equipment had held him back. Knowing the bike would be regularly racking up the miles and with the client’s aviation background in mind it gave the KM crew an idea. “We were keen to grab some inspiration from the world of aviation design. In the same way that we modify vintage bikes with a modern take, we wondered what would happen if the same approach was taken to a vintage war bird or fighter plane.”


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