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Air Vents - where’s the imagination?

The new BMW 3 series has nicely styled front air vents however the very same car has bland and boring rear vents. Could the designers not carry the theme through to the back?

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  • Rear vents on early 2000's Alfa 147. Even have chromed rings to match the front ones.

    I loved that car just for the details.

      7 months ago
  • They could have, but that wouldn't save few euros per unit made. And when you sell millions of units, that's a considerable save. And not many people would complain... It's basically a risk and gain game...

      7 months ago
    • I get the economics of that but realistically BMW will charge to cover the cost they’ve incurred so they could have quite easily have charged their customers €10 euros extra for matching vents. Other manufacturers do when they bring out a...

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        7 months ago
  • If lots of people buy the basic spec with no options, it’ll leave bmw high and dry as they’ll have spent money fitting options to cars and get no subscription cash. At that point I suspect BMW would start charging for the steering wheel and brakes.

    Where will it end? I know, go and buy another brand.

      7 months ago