AirPods Pro: WOAH

Accurately describing them is not easy.

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welcome to my first tech review.

So I recently got a pair of AirPods Pro, and for the last couple of weeks I’ve been putting them to the test. Here’s what I’ve found.

But first, what are AirPods Pro? Well to anyone familiar with Apple's design nomenclature, you’ll know that generally the Pro connotes the top of the line version of a product. In this case, the AirPods Max represent that, but you can consider these to be the top of the range wireless earbuds Apple offers. AirPods are some of the best selling earbuds of all time, and as a result, the AirPods Pro met a similar reception, becoming very popular amongst headphone users who wanted a bit more from their earbuds, without compromising on Apple's ability to connect seamlessly with other Apple devices. Today I’m going to talk about everything AirPods Pro.


I much prefer AirPods Pro design to that of their AirPods counterparts. I really like the smaller shape, and the silicone tips are much nicer than hard plastic. Also, while writing this, I realised that the buttons on the bottoms of the Pros are not actually buttons; they are haptic sensors. AirPods Pro simply plays a *click* noise through the speakers, and you feel as if you clicked the button. Only realised it now, so clearly they are doing a good job.


Headphones in general take some getting used to when you first put them on, but after wearing AirPods Pro for 3 weeks, they are great. No slipping when walking or even running, and they don't get sweaty like some earbuds and headphones can. It's also a really nice fit; no air escapes through the seal, although there is a special vent that allows the pressure to equalise without the sound quality being worsened. I would take silicone over plastic any day, and that's a good thing, since you can’t really take off the tips of the earbuds, unless you're replacing them with other sizes of the standard tip, which Apple sells. When you’re using ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) There is some pressure felt, but it's easy to get used to; it's not painful, and once you start listening to music you barely notice it.

Sound QUality

I’ve used several earbuds over the past few years; I’ve tried out regular AirPods, Jabras, and multiple wired earphones, and overall, these have the best sound quality by far. The bass is good but not too intense that it shakes your skull. The sound is also crisp and clear and the noise cancelling system does its very best to ensure the music isn't interrupted and it does it really, really, really well. As for mic quality… It’s fine for phone calls, but not for discord, or recording anything important like music or a video.


As I said earlier, the main feature of AirPods Pro that sets them apart from the standard ones, is the noise cancelling capabilities. When I first got them, I knew immediately that my first course of action was to try out said noise cancelling.

I was blown away.

My busy house turned into a silent film. The road next to my house turned into a hot wheels racetrack. It was actually creepy how well these tiny little earbuds worked to block out sound.There are three modes: Normal, Noise Cancelling, and Transparency.

Normal is no frills, just music. Surprisingly, the seal is so good that they almost act as a sort of passive noise cancelling system, as opposed to the active noise cancelling it actually offers. While I was prepared for noise cancelling, I never knew about the transparency mode.

Basically, there are microphones on the outside of the headphones, and they record the noise around you, and play it into your earbuds, so that you can hear everyone around you while listening to music. I was once again amazed by how well it worked. While it sounds a bit gravelly, you quickly ignore it.


The battery is fine - Apple claims it will last over 24 hours, and in the real world, and that's reasonably accurate. I think I get around 18 - 20 hours of battery life, but I charge them whenever I’m not wearing them thanks to the charging case. If you are really concerned about battery life because you work from home and you would wear them all day - don’t worry. If they are at 100% in the morning, they will definitely last the full day.

not so good things

While these benefits are all well and good, there is one tiny issue. The price. $400 AUD ($250 USD) (£250 GBP).


While they are great - really great, there are other options that are very similar - still good - and less than $400. That's SONY XM4 prices for something smaller than your thumb. But as Yoda once said "Size matters not".

That's SONY XM4 prices [$400 AUD] for something smaller than your thumb. But as Yoda once said "Size matters not".

Captain Cars on Drivetribe

the choice

In my opinion, it really comes down to personal preference. If you prefer earbuds, then get the AirPods Pro. If you prefer headphones, get the XM4s, since they do basically the same things. They both have ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) they both have “phone call” quality mics, and they both cost $400 AUD.


They are brilliant. Truly brilliant. You get amazing noise cancelling, great music quality, comfort and versatility - IF you’re willing to spend $400.


- Captain Cars on Drivetribe

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  • I do agree that technologically the AirPods Pro are great, I personally much prefer the shape of the normal AirPods. I find them much more comfortable

      12 days ago
  • This article is dedicated to Steve Jobs, who passed away on this day in 2011.

      12 days ago
  • The first person to comment how many times I said "AirPods Pro" gets an award

      12 days ago
  • One important question. AirPods will not stay in my ears. Will AirPods Pro stay in my ears?

      12 days ago
  • I gotta say. I prefer the new Samsung Galaxy buds. They are about $100 cheaper, have all the same features, and sound just as good, if not better. They also stay in my ears a lot better, and the battery life is a little bit longer

      12 days ago