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Airtisan bbq - 1 year anniversary.

2y ago


About Airtisan - Airtisan was formed in 2016 with the aspiration of helping customers create their dream cars. They specialise in chassis systems, predominantly dealing in air suspension systems and can offer a range of solutions. Using their extensive knowledge, they guide each customer through the options available, ensuring that the best end result is achieved for their budget.

Popped over to Coventry for an hour or so, for the Airtisan's 1 year anniversary BBQ meet. Awesome chilled vibe / beautiful motors and great weather, nothing could have been better for the first meet.

Starting off with Andy's seriously impressive Mk5 Golf, which sits beautifully, tucking MASSIVE 18x9J, stepped up BBS RS's on the rear and 18x8.5J on the front.

Alex's E46 330i - Stunning as ever. Still love those Workmeisters, don't think there is a wheel that could suit this car any better.

For a first meet, we were seriously impressed. Hope to see more of these meets!

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