A​lantakun are back!

I​n an attempt to reinvigorate this tribe, I've rebooted the worst brand on DT with a new ethos.

11w ago

G​iven that this tribe's only posts now are Vapemobiles drawn in 2D which are hardly interesting, I reckon we need to save this tribe. As a result, Alantakun have risen from the ashes. We are now an exclusive, high end brand, producing exclusive high end cars. Our first model is the Tez. Featuring an NA, high compression and high revving 4.2l V8 utilising our highly effective VCP VVT system, state of the art aerodynamics and a focus on being lightweight, this is the ultimate supercar. For reference we estimate the Tez's Nurburgring time to be under 6:45 seconds, so it looks disgusting for a reason. This is also the purest and most engaging modern supercar out there. Check out the specs:


B​ore: 91mm

S​troke Length: 81mm

E​ngine Capacity: 4213cc

E​ngine type: NA V8

P​ower: 629bhp

T​orque: 562lb ft

R​edline: 9200rpm

Dry W​eight: 923kg

0​-62mph: 2.8 Seconds

T​op Speed: 219mph

E​ngine Layout: Mid mounted

D​riving Wheels: AWD

S​teering: unassisted hydraulic rack and pinion

G​earbox: 6 Speed Manual

D​rag Coefficient: 0.33cd

M​onocoque: Carbon Fibre

S​uspension: All round independent double wishbone

D​ownforce: 832kg


L​ength: 4320mm

W​idth: 1876mm

H​eight: 1290mm

W​heelbase: 2692mm

I​nterior Leg Room: 1286mm

I​nterior Head Room: 963mm

B​oot Space Front: 126l

B​oot Space Rear: 212l

S​eats: 2


M​SRP: £360,000

D​M me to order one in any colour. The grille and wheels are available in any colour in the monochromatic scale. The configurator is no longer in use as all listed models have been axed.

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Comments (15)

  • Of course I'm going to be annoying and ask you questions:

    1) Isn't unassisted steering and AWD unusual, and possibly makes it quite difficult to maneuver?

    2) What type of suspension?

    3) If my calculations are correct the engine size should be 4215cc not 4213cc

    4) There seems to be quite a lot of torque for a such a high revving engine with that power

    5) 0.33cd doesn't seem draggy enough for me with so much downforce

    6) At what speed is the quoted downforce generated?

      2 months ago
  • Oh noooooo why did this nightmare of mine have to become reality

      2 months ago
  • would you like to join orbitos?

      2 months ago
  • What


      2 months ago
  • Is that an RX8 and a Zonda mashed together?

      2 months ago