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ALERT! New Golf GTI Clubsport

B​ut it doesn't get a manual ...

25w ago

A​ll aboard the hype train - the new GTI already has a special edition, called the Clubsport (In Australia HSV holds the rights to that name so it'll be called something different there)!

This Golf is coming out swinging with 221kw/ 296bhp and a 0-100(kmh)/0-60mph time of under 6 seconds.

T​his is great, but not far off some competitors, and slower than others. Volkswagen's own MkVII Golf R is faster, still, and be found for great nowadays. The other problem is that the old 'R' can be found with a nice manual transmission, something that, apparently, is not available on this track-focused new arrival.

Personally, my first reaction was that this was a missed opportunity, how could this contend with the manual legend that is the Honda Civic Type R? Then it occurred to me that these are probably targeted at very different buyers - someone considering one wouldn't consider the other.

With this point of view, it suddenly makes more sense to have a toned-down pocket rocket that is capable of amazing performance, yet still able to do daily office-runs or fuss-free trips to the shops.

But then, my only question is, isn't that a job better suited for a regular Golf GTI? Shouldn't the special edition be an all-out driver fest? A hot manual hatch is, after all, an institution of the motoring world.

What do you think?

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