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Have you ever had a dream in which you lived in a world where a mid-engined Alfa Romeo supercar existed – and it was sensational? Well I have, many times – but thanks to the car you see here, the vehicle from my dreams now forms a most beautiful figure.

This is the Alfa Romeo Furia concept, designed by Polish designer Paul Breshke – the same man who designed the Bugatti Gangloff, which I still hold as one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. The Furia concept you see here however shows just how talented Mr Breshke is – because he is clearly very capable of designing absolutely gorgeous cars time and again.

Virtual concepts like the Furia can lead people into the trap of looking at them from an analytical perspective, trying desperately to isolate specific elements to see where the designer has taken inspiration from. This inevitably results in people looking so hard, they begin to see things that aren't there. But to scrutinise this car is a crime akin to insulting it. It's such a breathtaking shape, you need to allow it to hit you as a whole, like a glorious sunset kissing the horizon over a golden coastline.

Inside, you aren't going to find yourself having a break from profuse drooling, because just like the exterior, it is desperately beautiful! It invites you in with its pure deliciousness, to a point where I can feel myself wanting to simply dive through my computer screen and into this magnificent virtual world.

Of course, because it is a virtual concept, that means the individual has the freedom to interpret what the powertrain and performance of this car would be in their perfect world. I see this as a McLaren 720S rival, and I see it as being equipped with a similar amount of power, if not more. That said however, for that much power, a suitable powertrain would be required.

The Alfa Giulia's 2.9L Twin-Turbo V6 would sit in the middle nicely; however, there's a problem. The Giulia makes 503bhp – and in order to achieve that, it has to be pumped with 20psi of boost. While that might not sound like a lot in the world of tuned Evos, it's a fair amount for a road car, and it does result in low down lag.

Just out of curiosity, I took the liberty of doing some calculations – and don't worry, I'll spare you the agony of me explaining what those equations were – and found that in order for the Giulia's 2.9L V6 to produce a McLaren 720S equaling 710bhp, it would need to be stuffed with 34.3psi of boost. And that's a potential recipe for monstrous lag, a high boost threshold, and poor reliability.

More realistically, Ferrari's 3.9L Twin-Turbo V8 out the 488 would be a better bet. It wouldn't require all that much more boost to bring it up to power, and naturally it has a throttle response every other turbocharged engine can only dream about.

As lovely as a naturally aspirated V12 would be, I don't see it as a V12 car. And neither do I see it as a car that'd come equipped with a stick and 3 pedals. I am an advocate for the manual transmission – but to me, this Furia supercar would sit better with a Twin-Turbo V8, and a 7-Speed DSG gearbox, sending it's 700+ horsepower to its fantastically evocative rear wheels.

But what do you guys think? What engine would you have powering this car in your perfect world? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Photo credit: Paul Breshke Design - Facebook

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