Alfa Romeo 155 Battle - 550Hp Turbocharged GTA Vs 12.000Rpm ITC-DTM Version

A Battle of Extremes versions of the same base: the Iconic Alfa Romeo 155

Alfa Romeo 155 models have a tremendous Hillclimb Racing career, taking advantage of the different Racing Versions that were developed on its base. The two most extreme can be seen here with the Turbocharged Alfa Romeo 155 GTA against the Naturally Aspirated Alfa Romeo 155 ITC-DTM.

The GTA here campaigned by Roberto Di Giuseppe was originally prepared by Jolly Club for Touring Car racing in the 90´s, and this machine uses all internals from the Lancia Delta Integrale that was so successful on the World Rally Championship (Transmission and engine) which after some fine tuning made them a competitive machine for the circuits. Very few units were built (less than 20 if rumours are to go by) and 2 of them later in their life found great success on the Italian Hillclimb Championship. Most notably with Roberto Di Giuseppe, who we see on the footage. Many Class wins and a Championship were won with this Monster that on its later stage of evolution was producing around 550Hp to all four wheels and capable of a 0-100Km/h sprint in less than 3 seconds.

Against it we have Marco Gramenzi´s Alfa Romeo 155 ITC-DTM, the Legendary Touring Car built for the German DTM series in the 90´s, with this particular unit seeing many special evolutions being performed specs-wise , with its 2.5 litre V6 being developed to produce over 500Hp at a staggering 12.000Rpm. Adding to all this a specially built Q4 all-wheel drive traction by Alfa, a structure mostly made by carbon fibre resulting in less than 1000Kg of total weight, it all produces an amazingly capable machine with which Gramenzi won several Italian Hillclimb Championships on his class.

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