Alfa Romeo 155 DTM

Recycling yet another article from the past.

1y ago

Alfa Romeo wanted to climb into the heavy hitting DTM ring of the early 90s and build an insane car from the ground up (loosely based on a road going version) and they did just that, it dominated it’s first year out. Reving to the moon and bodywork to match this was nothing like the road going version!

This is an older model from Minichamps and suffers from the lack of details and quality that we’ve come to expect on current generation models. That beeing said details are still plentiful but no opening hood or trunk is hugely disappointing on a full weight metal diedcast. I added some details myself such as carbon staining on the exhaust heat shields and center lock nuts painted black to break the monotony of those white wheels.

I love DTM, especially from this era, I hope I can add a Mercedes 190 and an BMW E30 M3 to this car in the near future. Enjoy!

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Comments (2)

  • There were some wild rides in DTM back int he day.

      1 year ago
  • I loved watching the Alfas racing in the DTM back in the day. Great memories.

      1 year ago