- Beautiful curves only the Italians can do

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale: Artwork on the Road

A photoshoot of the 1/18 version

I've shot this car quite a few times, but it's hard to leave it be when it's so beautiful. This car looks so nice my wife allows it to be displayed in the living room.

This car helped really kick off my collection beyond Hot Wheels. Way back in something like 2014 in the early days of LaLD I posted a survey of which car of about 5 I should splurge on for my very first high-quality 1/18. I had a couple Maistos before that, but I was ready to jump into the more expensive side of this hobby. This Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale was for sale new and still being produced by AutoArt. I picked one up from Replicarz (a company I've bought probably too many cars from) and boy am I happy I did. Not only is it incredible, but prices on these have more than doubled since it stopped production, which is sad; everyone should have one of these in their collection.

Of course this car has also lead to me developing my photography technique. It was the first one I ever tried light-painting on and I was stunned at how well it worked. This shoot here is probably the culmination of what I've learned doing light painting the last 3 or so years.

Anywho, if anyone wants to read up on the history of the actual car check out this old article I wrote here:

Now let's just look at this thing:

Of course I had to shoot it with Hot Wheels' 1969 Stradale they recently released. Not that the '69 only had single headlamps, and they did lose the gold wheels and went with a more raw-metal wheel, so the silver color is indeed accurate.

Thanks for looking!


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Comments (42)

  • Have I told you how jealous I am lately? Because I’m jealous

      7 months ago
  • Great now I am drooling! Awesome photos especially of such a fine specimen of a car. Such a fine beauty

      7 months ago
    • Thanks! And it is certainly drool-worthy. I'm not sure id be able to handle seeing the real thing...

        7 months ago
    • Dw all of us would notice some mysterious stick stuff in our underwear if we did

        7 months ago
  • It's beautiful Sean. My favorite photo of yours is this car with the

      7 months ago
    • Light reflection higher on the hood.

      Very cool piece

        7 months ago
    • Thanks man :) And its my favorite too haha. That was one of those pictures where I looked in the camera and went "holy crap..."

        7 months ago
  • It's astounding

      7 months ago
  • absolutely stunning... no words for such a classy car!

      7 months ago