Alfa Romeo at the Brussels Motor Show

Alfa did not bring any world premieres, but the Italians were not afraid to show, that they are back in business.

2y ago

While the Dream Cars section showcased a considerable fleet of luxury cars, including the exotic far end of the traditional premium manufacturers’ model ranges, the German trio also showed quite a presence in their own chambers. Mercedes brought a futuristic van concept, BMW offered European premieres, while Land Rover even inaugurated a world premiere. The Italian premium and luxury brands did not contribute to the Dream Cars exhibition, but kept the firecrackers for their own show. As Alfa could not offer premieres, it brought other interesting memorabilia, and the Sauber Alfa Romeo race car stole the show.

The presence of Alfa Romeo at international car shows is not self-evident, proven by their absence in Paris and Frankfurt. Their recent absence in Paris was particularly striking, despite the surge in sales, driven by new models, most importantly the Stelvio SUV.

The wider area of Belgium, Alsace and Luxembourg however, counts a traditional stronghold of the brand. Thus it could not pass, even if they are now preparing for their show in Geneva.

The Alfa stage is compact yet stylish and elegant, the most prominent part was awarded to the 2018 Sauber Alfa Romeo Formula-1 race car.

Maserati delivers a worthy show in Brussels every year, this was no exception. If anything to nag about, the cars were not accessible most of the time, and despite the more dissuasive separation by glass barriers, the stage was never easy to photograph, although Maserati did not introduce new models for some time.

The show closed its gates yesterday, in case you were not able to pay a visit, I recommend to have a peek at the earlier articles and the ones on my page (the complete report on premium brands is a bit more ahead).

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