Alfa Romeo back in BTCC

2y ago


Two-time British Touring Car Championship winner Alfa Romeo will be back on the grid for 2018.

Swindon-based Handy Motorsport will be running a very not-red Giulietta driven by Rob Austin.

Alfa was a big force in European Touring cars in the early 1980s winning four consecutive titles from 1982, and Andy Rouse also claimed the marque’s first BTCC win in a GTV6 coupe in 1983.

Eleven years later, Gabriele Tarquini took the driver’s title despite struggling…

…and often failing to stay on four wheels. Together with teammate Giampiero Simoni he also brought the manufacturer’s title Alfa’s way too.

This was the infamous year when big wings caused a massive controversy. From the start of the season it was clear that the Alfas' spoilers were giving them a major advantage, leading to objections by rival teams.

The spoilers had to be homologated on a road car, but the road cars were delivered with the spoilers in a retracted position, and a kit in the boot to extend them.

After having a massive strop and temporarily walking out, Alfa returned to the grid with its rear spoilers lowered. The other teams got closer, but Alfa still walked it.

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