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alfa romeo BAT

the BAT was a series of concept cars designed for reaserch in aerodynamics. Giuseppe Bertone of the Bertone design house was given the task of producing the lowest drag possible for Alfa. Three cars where made (BAT 5 1953, BAT 7 1954, BAT 9 1955). All three where designed by Franco scaglione. BAT stands for "Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica." The lowest drag was 0,19 on the BAT 7, an achievement even by today's standards. All cars had two big fins on the back and a big split grill on the front. Inside the cars had a five speed gearbox, four cylinder engine producing 90 HP (67KW) and a top speed of 201 km/h (125mph).


the first of the cars to be built was the BAT 5. It had pop up lights that where mounted to the sides of the grill ( visible in picture). The front end was made to eliminate airflow disruption at High speeds And to Have a structure that would have fewest possible amount of air vortices. The car had a drag coefficient of 0,23. It had a top speed of 200 km/h(120mph) and a weight of 1100(2400 lb).


On the BAT 7 the nose had been lowered and the lights had been moved to the sides of the nose(visible in the picture above). But else then that there wasn’t eny more major changes but it was this car that had the lowest drag coefficient of the Three.


The third car was made to look more like other Alfa models at the time and therefore the grills and the fins where sized down and it was given a more slim shape at the front. The lights where built in to the “bulbs” (couldn’t find a better word for it)at the front.

BAT 11

More than 50 years later Alfa and Bertone realeased a new BAT in 2008.

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