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We finally have it. Strong rwd sedan from italy!

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We finally have it. Sporty Alfa Romeo with amazing performance, and if we talk about the character I sincerely doubt Giulia lacks in that department.

We have seen fast Alfas before. Especially in 80’s and 90’s, who doesn’t remember Alfetta GTV Turbodelta and legendary GTV6 which was one of the fastest Group A rally cars in 86′. In DTM Alfa Romeo has always shown its teeth to german rivals with 155 V6 Ti model, while the successor of 155, 156 won 4 consecutive titles with Fabrizio Giovanardi and Gabriele Tarquini behind the wheel. Not only in petrol powered cars, no. In 2007 it won 12-hour race with 159 in diesel category.

Alfetta GTV Turbodelta Foto:

Alfetta GTV Turbodelta Foto:

This all means new Giulia has motorsport running through its new 2.9 liter V6 with 505 horses which is a cousin to the Maserati’s Quattroporte GTS engine. The limiter is set to 7250 revolutions per minute and power is sent to rear wheels through 6-speed manual or 8 speed ZF 8HP transmission. So the power is not a problem, what about handling? According to Chris Harris Giulia is pretty damn good but not quite there yet compared to the german rivals such as C63 or M3. Chassis is not so connected to the driver and suspension feels rubberised which is making this car more comfortable on the longer runs, but lacks on track. We can’t hold it against the Italians though, they haven’t done rear driven Alfa in about 20-30 years and they did platform all by themselves. The engine is sleepier in the low end and comes alive at the top end, the exact opposite to the BMW rival. But it is full of character, which are Alfas known for and that is the important part for me. Life truly is about small things, but not milliseconds.

This leaves us in a crazy situation then, cheaper than german equivalents and slightly less good. Facelifted version should be a nail on the head then, if things are going to progress like they did now.

World greeted Alfas newborn with open hands, journalists are positive in their reviews.

What I’m saying here, in this straight, no-cocking-about road test, is that Alfa Romeo has made a car dynamically better than the BMW. And it has. It really has. This is Iceland beating England. And I couldn’t be more pleased.

Jeremy Clarkson

Giulia also proved its worth on famous Nurburgring where it slapped M3 by 3 seconds and Porsche Panamera by 5 seconds.

On the final note, I absolutely agree with Mr. Harris, this world absolutely needs great Italian cars, especially supercars. This was also last chance for Alfa Romeo to prove to the world that they haven’t forgotten how to make one. They did rather well.

So long friends!

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