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Alfa Romeo Giulia Wagon: Why we need it.

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This little Alfa reintroduced the Italian sports car brand to the mix of the American market, and proved itself to be such a promising sports sedan that it even won awards and broke records. They even claim it to be faster than an M3. Alfa Romeo now offers three models in the US: the Giulia, Stelvio, and 4c. Right now, while sales are booming, is primetime to offer a new model.

A little on this Giulia sport sedan:

Alfa Romeo claims a 0-60 time in 3.8 seconds for the Quadrifoglio, the highest level trim starting at just shy of $74k. Now this seems like a lot for a sport sedan, but with AWD and a twin-turbo V6 chopped from a Ferrari V8 block pushing 505 horsepower and 443lb/ft of torque, I think it is safe to say that the value of this heritage-rich, race-bred masterpiece is pretty high.

Previously, FCA announced they would be offering a sportwagon Giulia in international markets by late 2017, but apparently their plans changed. After promising the release of a sportwagon, they shortly then started selling the Stelvio, an SUV they claim to be the fastest in the world. Officials from Alfa said that there is no longer going to be a wagon, because the Stelvio satisfies the same market.

Yes, the Stelvio is technically based on the same platform used to build the Giulia, but I still find myself asking why; why does everyone go berserk over a crossover? The market is so overcrowded by these hunched over CUVs and they are selling like hotcakes. Nowadays, automotive journalists are all writing about the impact this shift has had on automotive culture on all perspectives, even global. But what really needs to be looked at is what could happen rather than what did happen. I still believe they COULD sell this wagon. The pictures of the concept that were released reveal the gorgeous swooping lines and aggressive aerodynamics. Plus, the Italians haven't offered a wagon to the US market in a long time. Who else would buy one?






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  • I got the 4C Spider, but with the Model 3, audi etron Gt, and (most importy to me) the Taycan, have just driven the yawn-some Giulia and Stelvio Quadri’s. Will never buy them. NEVER; the EV Alfireri is more appealing than either of Alfa’s “dailies”.

    If the GIulia QV Wagon was made, simply by swapping the sedan’s trunk for a sexy-lined hatch, and offering a manual, FCA would have double my money.

    But no. Car execs are stupid, unqualified, and/or mislead, unless they are Jeep’s, Aston Martin’s, Mazda’s, or Porsche’s (the one’s that can say they improved the brand, maintain 3-pedal manuals, made their cars lighter, *and* make more money than the previous CEO did).

    22 days ago
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    • I agree with that completely. Can you imagine how much we’d all pay if they offered a manual?? Oh man.

      22 days ago
    • It’s just bad data: the money side of car manufacturers haven’t caught up to the design and engineering side, which locks the company in a vicious cycle of trying to undermine their...

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      21 days ago


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