ALfa romeo stelvio revealed to the world

Another bloody SUv??

So Alfa Romeo has finally done it, they have made an SUV. Shock, horror, this brand has succumbed to consumer pressure and gone against their own racing heritage by making this tall off-roader.

Is it so bad though? As a wannabe-Alfist I find the concept of an Alfa off-roader a little hateful to even contemplate. However, this is the world we live in, and it is futile to sit in the corner and yearn for the good old days. Anyways, in typical Italian fashion, the Stelvio is a handsome beast to behold.

Not just handsome, but it's got substance to its style. Currently, the full-fat Quadrifoglio version was shown off here, with an intelligent 4wd system and the same power plant as seen in the awe-inspiring Giulia Quadrifoglio. This should make the Stelvio a grippy S-O-B around a curvy road such as the one this bad boy is named after. Needless to say, this won't be the only engine on offer, but will be accompanied by a range of four-cylinder diesel and petrol engines to suit the more average consumer.

The Stelvio may be late to the SUV party, but Alfa has really thrown all it can to make this car a hit. In all honesty, I love the look of this thing. Its sharper, more elegant than a Macan, more interesting than an X3 and more prestigious than a Q5. For those of you who still hate the thought of SUVs cluttering the market, just remember, its cars like this which allow brands like Alfa to create more cars like the 4C.

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