Alfa Romeo Three generations of inheritance

2y ago


Maybe I am still young, I don't know the status of Alfa Romeo in the automotive industry. If you know the history of Alfa Romeo, please let us know, thank you!

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  • No one else will rush to tell you this, but in 1938 they made the utterly beautiful 8C 2900B Lungo...

      2 years ago
  • started as a normal car manufacurer in 1910 => great cars => financial crisis => sold on => great cars => racing success => financial crissis => goverment took over the company => racing success => building the fastest cars in the world => racing success => second world war => racing succes => great cars => great cheaper cars => racing success => recycling steel for UDSSR =>q uality issues with otherwise great cars => financial crissis => sold to Fiat => good cars based on fiat technology => no racing for some years => racing success => great cars based on fiat technology => no racing at all => shitty cars based on GM technology => allmost no cars on sale => 4C as a halo car to restart it => great cars again but still no racing

      2 years ago


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