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A​lfa Romeo Tipo 33/3

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This will be my first attempt at a real post on DriveTribe, and is in fact a re-post from our old Kinja site. The 1/43 scale model is by TSM and actually represents the winning Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/3 as driven by Vaccarella and Hezemans in the 1971 Targa Florio.

S​o the model isn't exactly the same, but for more information on the Tipo 33/3, I'm indebted to AmazonE30, who posted this comment on the old Kinja site:

"To clarify, your car the final iteration of the 33/3. This Tipo 33/3 was introduced for the 1969 season and the first Alfa prototype sports racer with a monocoque. unfortunately most chassis histories were not logged and therefore unknown, so we don’t know exactly when your car was built. The 1969 cars were rebodied for 1970 and the 1969 and 1970 cars were both rebodied for 1971. But yours is likely a 1971 chassis as the front line factory cars were typically ground-up builds each season with older chassis sold to privateers and used as backup/test cars."

"For 1972, Alfa went in a new direction. They abandoned the monocoque and went to a tubular frame, calling the updated car the Tipo 33/TT/3. Thankfully we do know the history of the #5 for 1972. It was chassis number 002. It had limited success outside of the Targa Florio, and was sold to the privateer Scuderia Brescia and raced throughout 1972. It is in private hands today and is regularly raced at classic events in Europe."

T​hanks for the information! Here's one more shot:

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  • Where did you get the figure? I'm still using my lonely Patrick Tambay by Spark. I did have to cut off his legs to help him fit inside the Alfa, though.

    14 days ago
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  • cool! and i like the inspiration 😉

    14 days ago
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