Alfa Romeo's stunning Giulia GTA may not be heading to the States

It comes as the brand shifts their focus to the SUV market sector

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With a number of changes and upgrades to their lineup for the latest model year, it also seems that Alfa Romeo may not be sending their gorgeous Giulia GTA out to the states - sorry America.

In a recent video call with Alfa Romeo, CarBuzz was told that the Giulia and Stelvio have both been improved for the new model year based on feedback from journalists and customers of the brand, such as improvements to the infotainment system, changes to the interior materials and upgraded safety technology.

Despite these improvements, it would seem that the GTA and GTAm models of the Giulia are not planned to be sold in the United States, meaning Alfa Romeos lightest and most track-focused, 'hardcore' models won't get to grace the roads across the states.

The 2021 Giulia GTA and GTAm were showcased earlier this year boasting an increased power output of 540hp, 220lbs of weight loss and extreme functional aerodynamic styling changes, which not only improve the performance of the Giulia but also give in even more road presence.

Alfa Romeo brand manager Steven Richards also confirmed this to CarBuzz during their call, telling them that the GTA and GTAm are "Europe-only at the present time" and explained how Europe does not follow the same model year cadence as the US, so it is unclear whether the GTA or GTAm will ever be seen stateside.

In terms of other future offerings, Alfa Romeo is still remaining rather tight-lipped on what the future may bring. They have announced that the Tonale will be the first plug-in hybrid ever produced by Alfa Romeo and that it will be a 'global product' but other than this news, Alfa Romeo have nothing else to share at the moment.

Sadly it would also appear that the rumoured mid-engined sports car project to revive the 8C has also been axed due to poor sales performance from the Alfa brand, though Richards remained very closed on this issue too, stating that "We (Alfa Romeo) have nothing to announce here but you can expect beautiful cars from Alfa" which suggests that despite the 8C project being cancelled, there may be more 'beautiful' cars to come in the near future.

With Alfa Romeo gunning for their share of the SUV market with the Stelvio and Tonale, it seems that any other 'racier' or more sports-focused new projects have been sidelined - we can only hope that we see more sports cars from the Italian automaker in the near future.

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Comments (7)

  • I love Alfas

      2 days ago
  • I just hope they're going to be smart unlike Ford and GM who decided to kill off all there cars and now Ford is basically dependent on its best selling f150. GM is really struggling for sales in the US of its full size trucks due to quality, and Lincoln is doing well with its continental.

      2 days ago
  • Well time to contract an import company and then a body shop to convert it

      2 days ago
  • Probably just as well.

    Alfa Romeo is greatly mis-understood by a vast majority of Americans.

    They also have very poor reliability, and when you need to fix them, there is hardly a mechanic in USA who knows how to fix the problems.

    Better that they stay in Europe where there are plenty of mechanics who know how to fix them, and where the marque is understood and appreciated.

      1 day ago
  • Pleeeeeease!

      1 day ago