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Alien Invasion? Art Exhibit!

Driving through the highway art installation "Border Tuner"

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Evening travelers along the Border Highway have been treated to an otherworldly feel of at least 18 searchlights criss-crossing overhead. This was due to a binational, interactive public art installation by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, "Border Tuner," overlapping the highway in El Paso, Texas this month.

The idea of this installation is simple: three interactive stations (two in El Paso and one Ciudad Juarez, Mexico) are set up on either side of the Mexico-United States border and people can control the searchlight beams with a small dial wheel. According to the exhibit's description "When lights from any two stations are directed at each other, microphones and speakers automatically switch-on to allow participants to talk with one another, creating cross-border conversations."

Pretty ambitious goal, and when you drive under it on an overcast night, it feels like you're trying to invade Area 51, or enter the "Upside Down" in Stranger Things.

Unfortunately, regular photos just don't do it justice, so here's an artist rendering I received a few weeks a go in a press release for the installation, which gives a bird's eye view.

Image: Ana Becerra (Barracuda PR)

Image: Ana Becerra (Barracuda PR)

Border Tuner was only up a brief time, Nov. 13-24, but people all over the world could experience and participate in it via live streaming at BorderTuner.net.

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