Alister McRae taking the ex-Possum Bourne 880Hp Impreza WRC to the Limit

The Monstruous Subaru Impreza WRC ´98 now owned by Vantage Windows Racing still dominating at Leadfoot Festival

The younger brother of the Legendary McRae lineage, Alister, having beaten the All Time Record of Leadfoot Festival´s Hillclimb at the wheel of the ex-Possum Bourne Subaru Impreza WRC 1998 last year, was once again the winner of the event on 2020. The Monstruous WRC unit now run by Vantage Windows Motorsport is faster than ever and converted into full HillClimb-spec, it is producing around 880Hp/940Nm.

This is a 1998 S5 unit, originally driven by Juha Kangas on the New Zealand Rally, being aquired late rby New Zealand´s Legendary Rally driver Possum Bourne, and is still powered by the 2.0L engine unit but now equipped with a Borgwarner EFR 7670 or EFR 8374 (depending on the kind of power and powerband required) with external wastegate. Running on E85 Fuel, it has an RPM limit set at 9000Rpm, delivering a maximum of 940Nm of torque at 5600Rpm.

All this additional power is transferred to the ground through a 4-Wheel Drive transmission with a Prodrive Hewland 6 speed H-Pattern with hydraulic centre and front diffs, while the rear one is now either a Hewland spool diff or locked LSD option. Suspension-wise it is equipped with Reiger dampers, 3 way adjustable, double piston and RCV with tarmac springs alongside Titanium sway bars for tarmac events. While still weghing an hefty 1200Kg, it is an enormously quick machine, putting all this power to the ground in a very efficient manner, the key to its continued success at Rod Millen´s Leadfoot Festival, where it won the last 4 Editions.

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  • That was AWESOME! With a 6 speed H? I would think something this nuts would be sequential. That was impressive shifting and driving. Driver was hyper focused for sure.

      7 months ago