All 20 Tesla Easter Eggs Discovered so Far, and How to Find Them

You have to love the Tesla team for doing this

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Elon Musk is not your run-of-the-mill businessman. It takes a special kind of individual to reinvent the car industry and then fill it up with nerdy and toilet humor.

I'm sure you have already heard of some Easter Eggs you can find in Tesla cars, but here is the complete list containing all that have been discovered so far.


This one was revealed by Musk back in 2017. To activate it, quickly tap three times the Tesla logo at the top of the screen and a sketchpad will appear.

Useful for writing stuff down on the go, or drawing male reproductive organs as Jeremy Clarkson usually does. You can even send your sketch to Tesla for some artistic evaluation.

Driving on Rainbow Road

You'd need to be a gamer to understand the reference. In the Mario Kart game for Nintendo 64, one of the tracks was the infamous road floating in space and shining with the rainbow colors.

To activate this Easter Egg quickly pull the autopilot stalk four times and the road displayed on the autopilot screen turns into the Rainbow Road. Sadly, It doesn't arm your car with banana peels and turtle-shell missiles.

You also get to hear first few beats of SNL's version of "Don't Fear the Reaper," the Blue Oyster Cult song to which Will Ferrell can be heard enthusiastically slamming his cowbell. Why? Who knows.

Tesla Staff Photo

When you go to 'About' screen of your car, press and hold the model name for 5 seconds, the car zooms of the screen and photo of Tesla's employees shows up on the screen. In the sea of faceless and cold corporations, it is a nice little a personal touch like that.

Volume goes up to Eleven

This one is not so much an Easter egg that you discover but understand the background of it. The volume goes up to eleven, which is more than 10 and is a nod to a parody rock band Spinal Tap and their explanation why they use amplifiers that go to 11!

Rainbow charger

While your car is plugged in, quickly press ten times the button on a charger and the glowing rim around the plug will start flashing in rainbow colors. Why? Is there some deeper meaning to it? That is yet to be discovered.

Back to the Future

Any BttF fans out there? You'll love this one as it is jam-packed with movie references. Charge your car to 121km of range (or miles, doesn't matter) and tap on the battery icon inside your Tesla phone app to activate this Easter egg.

What you get is this:

There are so many different references to Back to the Future in this Easter Egg that I don’t even think I can list them all.

The 121 miles changes to 1.21 GW – which is the amount of power needed to send DeLorean back into time.

Your charging screen changes to ‘Fuel Chamber’.

Location is now 1600 S Azusa Ave Rowland Heights, which is the location where the first time traveling was done. The Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall.

It also schedules a service appointment for you on November 5, 1955 – the day Doc Brown hit his head and discovered the flux capacitor and the day Marty initially went back to.

The badge of the vehicle changes to P88D – a reference to the 88 mph that the DeLorean needs to hit to travel through time. Even the VIN of the car changes to an old DeLorean Vin.

Another DeLorean reference - regardless of what car you own, the Model X with opened falcon doors will appear on the screen, resembling the DeLorean gullwing doors.

Lastly, the software version is changed to 1985; the year first movie came out.

Mars Rover

Press and hold the Tesla logo for 5 seconds and the prompt will appear asking you to input the code. Type in "MARS" and now your navigation screen is showing a Mars rover driving on the surface of Mars. Also, if you check your 'About' screen, the image is now showing the Mars lander spaceship instead of your car.

Because Elon is also working on being the first one to take humans to Mars with his SpaceX company.

James Bond submarine

Again, press and hold the Tesla logo for 5 seconds, and the prompt will appear asking you to input the code. Type in "007" and go to controls > suspension screen to see the change.

Now your car is the submarine Lotus used by James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me. Also, the ride height goes down to 20 000 leagues, presumably under the sea. A nod to a book by Jules Verne

But why the Lotus sub? Because Elon bought the same car used in the movies at an auction in 2013 for $866,000. Obviously, he likes it very much. So much he featured it in his car as well.

Switch Performance

Credits: Teslarati

Credits: Teslarati

Type in "Performance" in the prompt window, and you will be able to select different performance modes for your car.

You can only downgrade the performance, not upgrade it, so if you have the base model, you can't turn it into P100D, but you can do the other way around.

Play Monty Python

Musk revealed this one himself in a tweet explaining how the voice controls work.

People quickly jumped on board to test the feature and lo and behold , it works. Ask your car to play you Monty Python and it will play a random skit from the show. This works in the US only for some reason.

Santa Mode

Staying with the voice commands eggs; say "ho ho ho" and the graphic for your car turns into the Santa's sleighs and Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry starts playing. Switch to autopilot mode, and you'll see the same Santa's sleigh going down the snowy road as the snow falls and all the other cars are now rain-dears.

Hit the indicator stalk to change lanes and Santa's chimes will play instead of the usual indicator sound. Neat!

Easter Egg Basket

With so many Easter eggs around, it's hard to keep track of them all so Tesla decided to put them in an Easter Egg Basket of sorts. To access it, open 'About' screen and swipe down. It will show you the quick access to all the eggs you can find on your car.

Romance Mode

It's no secret that people use cars to do some dogging, and Elon is here to light the mood a little bit.

The only known method of activating it for now is through the aforementioned Basket. Click the fireplace, and the screen turns into a nice fireplace accompanied by crackling noises and heat coming out of the vents. Tap the screen and the romantic tunes like Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye’s and others will start playing.

Ooooooh baby!

Super Bottle

Credits: Jalopnik

Credits: Jalopnik

For this one, you really need to be digging deep, like under the bonnet deep, where you'd find a Superbottle. What's the deal with that?

The car cooling circuit contains a bottle, a pump, some hoses, a heat exchanger and a valve, all packaged individually and scattered around the engine bay.

The system on Model 3 is different and it cleverly packages two pumps, one heat exchanger, and a coolant control valve all within the bottle itself, creating a sort of superbottle - that's what it says on the side of it anyways, and there is also a cool graphic showing a heroic looking bottle printed on it.

Atari Games

Another Egg you can access through the basket only (so far) will let you play classic Atari games like Asteroids, Lunar Lander, Missile Commander and more are coming. You can play these games using touch controls, the steering wheel or you can even plug in your USB controller which will work just fine.

However, your car has to be in 'Parked' for this Easter egg to activate.

Tesla Ahoy-Hoy

A tiny and a simple one. Press and hold the "Call" icon on the screen for 3 seconds, and the text will turn into Ahoy-Hoy which was a way to answer phone calls proposed by its creator of phones themselves, Graham Bell.

Ludicrous Speed Screen

By now we all know about Ludicrous Speed setting which helps propel the fastest Teslas from zero to sixty miles per hour in less than three seconds. It's just a button that's not even hidden. But press and hold that button, and your screen will turn into what it feels like going at faster than light speed.

It's a reference to a parody movie SpaceBalls which is also where the "Ludicrous Speed" name comes from.

Life, the Universe, and everything

Credits: Teslarati

Credits: Teslarati

Any fans of Douglas Adams in here?

In the About page you can give your Tesla a name. Something like Killer-Watt, or Tes-ticles or whatever else come to your mind.

But if you name it "42", the name will automatically change to "Life, the Universe, and everything." A reference to the book series by Douglas Adams called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

In the books, a supercomputer called Deep Thought was asked the ultimate question - what is the meaning of life? After 7.5 million years, it comes up with an answer, which is "42.”

Xmas Show

In the prompt window enter "modelxmas" after which you will be asked to step out of the vehicle. How rude!

But do as told and your Model X will start dancing and glowing in the rhythm of "Wizards In Winter " performed by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Emission Testing mode

And lastly, here is my personal favorite - because it has to do with the toilette humor. The premium 3D sound system allows you to place a virtual Whoopee cushion around the car that you can activate at the press of a button.

You can choose between multiple fart sounds like Not a Fart, Short Shorts Rapper, Falcon Heavy, Ludicrous Fart, Neurastink, Boring Fart, or a fart randomizer.

BONUS: Tesla Hug

Credits: Imgur via joelpaglione

Credits: Imgur via joelpaglione

If you hug your Tesla from behind, covering both taillights with your hands a little flap will pop up revealing a glowing heart. Your Tesla loves you back! The flap is just like the one for the charging port, only on the opposite side.

The truth is, this is fake. It's a Photoshoped image, but it spread through Tesla community like wildfire, resulting in hundreds of people dry-humping their cars.

Honestly, whoever came up with this idea deserves a medal!

Which one is your favorite? Did I miss one? Comment below 👇


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