All about The 2017 golf gti and why it's the perfect car for the young car guy

2y ago


The GTI was always the king of the hot hatch and some say that it was the first hot hatch as well. Their always fun to drive, have reasonably good performance figures and reasonably priced. If I had to get a hot hatch, not a super hot hatch, it would be the Golf GTI and this new model lives up to all the hype

First lets talk about the engine. The new Golf GTI has a 2.0 L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 210 or 220 (with the sport pack). That is plenty to propel this car to 60mph in 5.8 seconds and on to a top speed of 124mph, and for a hot hatch of this class and price what more can you ask for.

Next the handling and with the GTI this is where you get your moneys worth. The GIT might be front wheel drive and thats fine, remember this car only has 220 hp which is not close to the limits of front wheel drive if it is engineered properly. It has an LSD to help with controlling the amount of power that the front wheels can handle. Which should make it fun to drive on the twisty backroads.

The Gearbox of which their is a Manual variant. Here you have two options fun over performance which would you rather have. In a car like this I would go with the 6 speed Manual and for the less capable beings there is a 6 speed direct shift auto.

Now the most boring bit, practicality and fuel economy. The new GTI comes in four doors and has a decently sized boot because it is not rwd or awd and the inside should be very spacious. The VW Golf GTI does get "35" mpg which is not bad.

Now you people must be asking how much does all of this cost. Prices start at $20400 and this is not going to compete in terms of price with anything on the used car market. Now this car is for the young driver not the youngest driver, basically this is the perfect car for the young car enthusiast.