All Euro Day - South Australia

Today I popped down the road a couple of km's to Glenelg, South Australia where they hold several car events every year. This time it was the turn of the Euro cars - and there were some beauties!

Here's a preview - Many more pictures to come!

1957 BMW Isetta 300 Coupe - This car got just as much attention as the Lambos and McLarens!

A STUNNING Porsche 356, fresh from restoration. Watch for more pictures of this very soon!

The only Ferrari in residence, a really clean 348TS. Chatted with Matt, the owner, for a bit and he is thinking of selling if anyone is interested - I have his contact details.

My first Alfa 4C. What a stunning little car!

I've driven behind this Vantage a few times - it sounds even better than it looks!

Evidently one of only two BMW 2000 CS's in Australia, and the only one running.

BMW - a CS I think?

Another real favourite of mine - a Mark II Jaaaaaaaaaaaag!

Still with Jaaaaag.. an SS 3 1/2.. Just beautiful, the grace..

Lambo Gallardo.. Spoke with the owner of this, he's 70! Cool dude...

Bring on the Harracans! Nobody wants to see more of these, do they?

Bond? Lotus Esprit in White.. Dive, Dive...

And a lineup of McLarens, pretty cool.

In Conclusion...

Finishing up with a few shots of the park where the event was held.. And I'll be back soon with some more pictures, I hope you enjoyed this teaser!

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