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All Hail The Valhalla

Concept cars can still be dream cars


Aston Martin has been making the greatest British cars since 1913. Since then they have become one of the greatest car makers in the industry. Sometimes it is good to forget about Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Mclaren. And than to study and dream of an Aston Martin. As for the Valhalla, we might have to really dream about it because it is currently only a concept car. However Aston Martin claims they are serious in the goal of making it a hybrid hypercar that will hit the asphalt. Are you ready to let go of other brands? And to worship the Valhalla?

Technical Specifications

The Aston Martin Valhalla will have a 3.0 L twin-turbocharged V-6 placed in the middle of car with an 8-speed dual clutch mated to it. Now I understand what you are thinking. "V-6 oh no yuck!". But just hear me out. While a V-12 or V-8 is better, car makers have proven that V-6 cars can be incredible. You know the Ford GT and Ferrari Dino? They are iconic right? Well they are powered by a V-6. So I think we can move on from that. If you can't, I'm sorry. Anyway the engine will be partnered with an electric motor. Combined performance will equal an out of this world 986 horsepower. In an Aston Martin. Torque figures are not yet available. With AWD and nearly 1,000 horsepower, I can imagine the 0-60 mph time will be at 3.0 seconds if not less. While full specifications haven't arrived yet I am more than sure that it will use Dual Overhead Camshafts with a dry sump oil system. It will also have the Castrol 90 second oil change technology that the track-only Vulcan before it had.

Design Language

In my opinion, The Aston Martin Valhalla is a drop dead gorgeous machine. And while it is designed to race, it doesn't feature a wild wing. Instead it uses a flex foil spoiler. A new automotive technology previously only seen on NASA Space Rockets. It is slowly easing into the hypercar world, but someday may be seen on sports cars. Similar to the dual clutch technology that once was only available in the most exclusive cars. But can now be found in most cars of any genre. The best way for me to describe the design is a futuristic alien spacecraft that was shaped by the wind. And really it does look like an alien spacecraft. And after all it has advanced hybrid and mechanical technology that many cars don't have. The example I have to show you today is in a spectacular Lava Red. Your eyeballs almost melt just viewing the Valhalla. When you shift to the rear, you notice a massive diffuser that adds to the alien spacecraft characteristic. Downforce for the Valhalla will be as insane as any track car, but it does it with great style. I forgot to mention that like the Mclaren 600LT or Porsche 918 Spyder, the Valhalla will have dual top mount exhausts. Is this the best placement for exhausts?

The Next Step For Aston Martin Has Arrived

Aston Martin, while underrated has made some of the most iconic cars ever. It is James Bonds number one choice of automobile. If the most exceptional spy chooses and Aston Martin over any other car, you know that they are truly the best. And in his latest film "Not Time To Die" he is supposedly shown, maybe even give a Valhalla. Only 500 of these spaceships will be created. While production was suppose to begin in 2021, it might not happen until 2022. It is planned to cost $1,260,000. A hefty amount, but there are hypercars that cost far, far more. Before the upcoming Valhalla we have been treated to the likes of the DB5, DBS, Vulcan, DB4, Vanquish and every other car has been legendary. The Valhalla is the beginning of the future of Aston Martin, which we all know is headed towards and electric future. So we should treasure their last petrol powered cars before the lights finally go out on the gas engine.

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