- First teaser of the all new Rimac model

All-New Rimac Hypercar On Its Way!

1y ago


The Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac is well-known person among the world car manufacturers and true petrolheads. With his first-ever creation, the Rimac Concept One, Mate created a two-seat high-performance electric car designed and manufactured in Croatia. With a total output of 800 kW (1,073 hp), an acceleration of 0–97 km/h (0–60 mph) in 2.8 seconds, it was capable of slaughtering the fastest super- and hypercar currently available on the market.

​Built all new from scratch, the model will be limited by 150 units in total and touch at a similar price level as its pre-decessor. The new vehicle will bigger, faster, better built and more refined than its pre-decessors. According to the spokesperson from the Croatian manufacturer, it will also have better rear-view visibility, which is welcoming upgrade over the Concept One.

Stay tuned for more soon on this new model. The Croatians have started their teaser campaign today and today's tease will not be the last one before the final reveal at the Geneva Motor Show early March next year.

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