2y ago


So like we explained over social media in the events building up to our launch on drivetribe we have been making a deticated site for STOLEN TRANSIT VANS

And now we are ready to show you. All details are on the site itself along with information on how to use it. Its really simple to use, and if you ever have any issues HELP is but a click away.

Pic Source:Google

Now along with the idea this website, I also came up with a new proposition to Ford which I am awaiting a responce back: So every 1 of 3 Vans are stolen every day in the world and never seen again and quiet frankily I've had enough. So we have looked into making a small tracker (No bigger than Sticky Note) that is either fitted in the factory (in different positions each time) or an extra that comes with the van after the first sale for the customer to choose where it is hidden in their van. Given that this would make it over 10times harder for a theif to detect, i personally think that this will save a lot of time and money and effort in the long run. Catch those scum bags in the act....please let me know your opinions

So to start getting this community off the ground if you or someone you know has recently had their TRANSIT VAN stolen then please report it immediately to:

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