All new UAE cars to get automatic crash alert system

Developed to reduce reporting time

1y ago

The importance of safety has never been higher when concerning automobiles. Even after the mandatory inclusion of equipment like airbags and crash-preventing software, dangerous accidents still occur. While automotive companies are inventing ways to safeguard lives in accidents, the UAE Government wants to make sure there’s additional help available at those times as well.

Come 2021, all new cars entering the UAE are meant to come equipped with an eCall system. When operational, this communication system will automatically alert the nearest emergency centres in case of any road accidents.

Abdullah Salman, a wireless network separations engineer from the TRA, told Gulf News that “The system will be configured with certain parametres and developed in combination with different features of the cars, including the airbags and sensors. So in case of accident, it will warn nearest police operation centre in matter of seconds”.

These In-Vehicle Systems were developed to reduce reporting time taken by emergency vehicles to arrive at the accident scene. Mohamed Jadah, director, wireless networks and services, said: “The system reduces response time to accidents and provides the authorities concerned with the information necessary for rescue and ambulance operations, thereby playing a central role in reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries.”

This onboard communication feature is said to have been developed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in cooperation with Emirates Authority for Standardisation & Metrology (EAMS) and police authorities.

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