A​ll Over You, Electric Blue: Minichamps 1/43 Porsche Taycan 4S

M​inichamps' rendition of the 4S proves its worth over the rest of the lineup.

1y ago

Remember that Minichamps 1/43 Taycan Turbo S I got a few months ago? Y'know, the Volcano Gray IAA launch edition? Well, I would once again like to say that it's one of the best models I've ever come across.

Although I named the 911 50th my favorite model acquired this year, the Taycan was probably Minichamps' best 2019 release in my eyes. There's something about that little Taycan that makes me want to go and take pictures of it at Champion Porsche's showroom. It's THAT nice.

Fast forward to this past thanksgiving break when I found myself looking at models on eBay late one night as I usually do. In typical Camilo fashion, I came across a model that had just been listed hours prior by my favorite seller. Despite never having heard of its release, it was a single Minichamps 1/43 Porsche Taycan 4S dealer edition in Frozen Blue with the 10-spoke sport aero wheels.

Just as with the Turbo S, we find that Minichamps went 12/10 in trying to replicate the Taycan, presumably to satisfy everyone at Porsche. It's pretty heavy in-hand, but above all, it's intricately detailed. They absolutely nailed the shape and size of everything.

T​he Frozen Blue Metallic paint looks sublime in person. It's really nice and contrasts well with the dark Volcano Gray Turbo S on my desk. I just hope they get around to making a Mamba Green one at some point.

A​s expected, the headlights are exquisitely detailed with not a single detail unnoticed from the front sensors to the detailing inside the headlights.

Although the wheels look like plain Bburago 1/43 wheels from a distance, they're very nicely detailed. They're supposed to have the flat look you'd expect more out of a toy than a high-end model like this. I do, however, wish this had US spec amber reflectors in lieu of the clear ones.

Much to Dan's delight, we find that the lines and panel gaps are very tight, much like those on the real one. This one actually has the trim-specific Taycan 4S badging, which the Turbo S is lacking. If you look closely, the rear red reflectors above the rear diffuser are separate pieces, which is a surprising touch.

I​f you can't read it, the rear light bar has "PORSCHE" written inside in light grey letters. I'm so happy they included such a small and barely noticeable feature.

I​ do love the sport aero 10-spokes, but I hope they remake the 4S with different wheels down the line. I'll be sure to get plenty more.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a nicer Minichamps 1/43 for the price. This car is at a level of the $100 Taycan Turbo S and 935/19 at 2/3 the price.

I​f a $100 Turbo S in Volcano Gray or White wasn't to your taste, I would hope this is. I hope anyone who considers it decides to go ahead and buy it. It's an excellent model that deserves to be in every collection.

W​ould I recommend it? Absolutely. This is a better alternative to the Turbo S I got the other month at 2/3 the price. I'll be keeping both, but this is a much better deal for the money. Unless you're willing to get both, this is the one that should be on your radar.

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  • I appreciate the Icehouse reference!

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