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Alpine is a lightweight sports car manufacturer owned by French automotive giant, Renault. The brand was made famous back in 1973, where Alpine competed in the first ever World Rally Championship in Monte-Carlo and won.

We were invited to the launch day of the refurbished Alpine Centre London West to see a range of classic Alpines, along with the award-winning new A110.

Customers are greeted by a rather shiny Alpine logo

Owners of both classic and new Alpines were invited down to the event and encouraged to bring their cars with them. This made for a stunning line-up of Alpines, some of which were kitted out to rally-spec and others beautifully restored and maintained. Here's our favourite automotive gems from the event:

1. Alpine Renault A110-1647

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The owner encouraged people to sit in the car

This 1971 A110 was built in Mexico under Alpine licence. It's finished in World Rally Championship Group 4 spec and is powered by a 1,647cc Renault 16TX engine. But what's really interesting is the fact that the car isn't kept in a hermetically-sealed environment to prevent it from receiving a scratch here and there, it's used by the owner on Sprint and Hillclimb events, as well as the Tour De Macon in Burgundy, France. This car is in a well-kept, yet rugged condition which looks properly beautiful.

2. Alpine Renault A110 1600 SC Berlinette

The new A110 owes its existence to the Berlinette, with many of this car's visual highlights included on the new model. This particular classic has been kept pristine and in an absolutely flawless condition. The Alpine Renault A110 Berlinette is arguably one of the prettiest cars to come out of France.

3. Alpine Renault A310 V6 1982

The A310 was Alpine's attempt to give the brand a more upmarket appeal. This was done by adding a 2.7L V6 engine that produced 150 bhp. The interior was made to be more comfortable by adding big, soft seats which gave the car great potential as a grand tourer. Now days, this is an extremely rare car and currently on sale for a cool £39,995.

4. Stunning custom classics

Parked outside the venue was two very different, yet uniquely brilliant classic Alpines. It's obvious how much effort has gone into maintaining these two French delights.

5. Modern Alpine A110 with stripes

This A110 is finished with a set of go-faster stripes in the colour of the French flag. Not only does it add a touch of charm, it's a great way to remind everyone that Alpine is French.

6. Alpine A110 Pure and Legende trims

The new Alpine launched with the 'Premiere Edition' which was limited to just 1955 models to mark the year Alpine was originally formed. The Premiere Edition have all been sold and so the A110 now comes in two new trim levels, 'Pure' and the 'Legende'. The Pure is the most driver-focused version and comes with ultra-lightweight seats that weigh just 13.1 kg and 17" alloy wheels. The Legende is more luxurious and comes with a set of fully adjustable leather heated seats, along with bigger wheels, lots more tech and a plush interior trim.

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Many thanks to Alpine Centre London West for inviting us to this unique event.