All-Time Great: Rod Millen´s 1000Hp Tacoma Pikes Peak Version

Between 1997 and 2000, Rod Millen raced this utterly mad machine, a 503e 2.1L Turbocharged 1000Hp/885Kg Tubeframed Monster with a bodywork vaguely resembling a Toyota Tacoma. Although less than ideal conditions prevented Mr. Millen from beating his own record and posting the firstever sub 10 minute run, it was still the car that consistently beat Nobuhiro Tajima´s famous Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version.

The combination of 4 wheel drive, mid-engined layout, boosted beyond belief power and lightweight body made this one terrifying machine that would go on to win 2 editions of the mythic event. It would comeback much later to perfom some timed runs on the Goowood Festival. At Lord March´s famous driveway it did this for example...

Definitively one of the quintenssential Monsters of this very particular type of Motorsport.

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