All we want from life is this Aston Martin DB5 Junior

This tiny No Time To Die DB5 is something that people of all ages will love

11w ago

The Little Car Company has unveiled something very special - the Aston Martin DB5 Junior from No Time To Die. This two-thirds scale version of the iconic DB5 will surely be loved by people of all ages.

The main attraction of this little car is that it has all the awesome 007 gadgets. Some of our favourite gadgets are the fake guns behind the flip down headlights, an oil dispenser, a smoke screen and a changeable numberplate because Bond.

In order to get the machine guns out from the headlights, you will have to access a 'secret panel'. What's more, we are told that there are also a number of "easter eggs." Secret ejector seats, anyone?

But all the cool stuff doesn't stop there. The little DB5 has Brembo disc brakes, Bilstein dampers, coilover springs and regenerative braking on offer. And inside you will find the typically 1960s wooden steering wheel. Oh, and before we forget to tell you, this is fully electric.

The Little Car Company will only build 125 of these glorious DB5s and each will cost you £90,000 plus taxes. Ouch.

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