All you need in this world is this amphibian moke!

They've done it right too.

6w ago

This is called the MOKE ‘amphibie’ by lazareth.

Created by dominic lazareth, a french car and motorcycle tuner who also made the the ‘back to the future yamaha r1 yzf‘, he is known for producing some of the most outrageous customs in europe asyou shall see.

It has an all aluminium body and features a 400 cc euro-four engine capable of driving the car up to 90 km/h (55 mph) which is probably too much in your moke! Weighs around 500kg , holds 15 liters of fuel And it is 4 wheel drive , it costs 27000$ and is entirely made in FRANCE.

You simply drive around on land,,,, moke about ... for sometime and when you wish to have a ride in the ocean, you simply drive into the water! Theres no fancy wheel retraction thingy to worry about too. The propeller will simply start to drive the mini MOKE through water at a calm but good enough speed of 7 knots (8 mph).

It's all good news!

It Complies with Division 245 (Amphibious Vehicles) . Subject to the navigation rules for beach gear (Without a boat license). And is Unsinkable because of Closed cell foam system.

It complies with the beach gear navigation category and can also be registered as a boat tender which is very amazing because if you're a modern sailor you got a tender and a vehicle available everywhere you go!

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