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City cars, Sports Cars, Supercars and Hypercars, all made their mark this week. If you would have wanted to cope up with what is happening in the car world, you'd probably have to spend more than 16 hours a day only on Drivetribe, forget other Social Medias. But you need not do that as I am here for your help.

The Audi A1 citycarver is a small car that dreams of being an SUV

Audi came up with very ambitious goods this week with the A1. So here is the new Audi A1 citycarver. It's a new spec of the German brand's city car that's designed to look more rugged and generally more grr.

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If you Crash your NSX, Acura will be there to help

The Honda NSX might be the most underrated sportscar but crashing a car that was once had Senna input can be one of the worst dreams of its owner. Don't worry because if you do crash your or somebody's NSX Acura will be repairing it in the same factory in which it is built.

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The Pagani Huraya BC Roadster is here

Pagani might have been a bit off the carscene lately, but it is back with its topless Huarya BC Roadster. Is this the greatest Italian Fantasy?

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A Bugatti Destroyer is here and its named the Tuatara

Over the years many Bugatti challengers have come but not many have been able to dethrone the German. Now though, a company called SSC is aiming for the 7th heaven with the Tuatara.

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Corvette’s new Le Mans challenger teased in video

While half of us have not even finished digesting the Covette C8, Corvette’s new Le Mans challenger has been teased in video and it could be the last naturally aspirated GTE car on the grid.

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Esports hit national TV as NBC shows live iRacing NASCAR race

Wow, what a story this is. Esports has hit the national TV Screens. This could be the start of something magnificent for simulator racing.

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The red-hot Renault Megane RS Trophy-R costs…

The latest and greatest Megane has spent the last few months visiting the most famous tracks in Europe setting front-wheel-drive production records. In fact, the Megane RS Trophy-R has beaten the Honda Civic Type-R’s records at both the Nürburgring and Spa beating it by decent margins. So that means, it costs a lot.

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Is this a Campervan no one would destroy?

Campervans bear a lot of hate on their shoulders, but this ultimate campervan could shed it all off.

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Porsche reckons it will sell more Taycans than 911s

Big news for EV lovers, Bad news for 911 lovers. Porsche has given us some big big words here.

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Texan drag strip bans EVs because they embarrass other racers

EVs humiliate, crush, destroy the best of the best Drag Racers. So a Texas Drag strip has banned them. Or is there another reason hiding?

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YouTube and Netflix to hit Tesla screens near you

Tesla cars it seems could become better than your home. With tantalising inclusions coming to them week in week out, the latest is the inclusion of Youtube and Netflix. So should you view them while driving?

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Is the Akula a British Pagani? Ginetta’s boss thinks so

Earlier this year, at the Geneva Motorshow, Ginetta lifted the covers on its latest road going supercar, the Akula. Now its boss thinks that it could be a British Pagani. Absurd or Correct?

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Porsche Mission E has a role in the upcoming Playmobil movie

With the imminent arrival of the all new, fully electric Porsche Mission E coming this September, it is only natural we see it on our screens too. This has been selected as the car of choice for secret agent, Rex Dasher in the upcoming Playmobil movie.

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The entry level Porsche 911 is finally here and it's not cheap

The long wait is finally over. Porsche have just unveiled its entry level variations of the 911 which are also known as the Carrera. While they say it is the base model, it still packs a punch but would make the perfect daily for a successful individual or a great weekend car for anyone. But it is not cheap.

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Ferrari tells Instagrammer to remove pic over wrong message of Ferrari owners

Instagram can cause a lot of controversy sometimes.

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A Lamborghini ended up in a swimming pool

Footballer Neymar's ex-girlfriend and former Playboy model Soraja Vucelic manages to crash a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder into a swimming pool. This seems to be a problem that only rich people suffer from. Who in the hell crashes a Huracan Spyder into a swimming pool?, it seems like a very expensive way to cool yourself down.

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Is this the ultimate Shooting Brake?

This is the Aston Martin DB5 Shooting Brake. This car makes a certain soft spot really hard. It is said, It is the car David Brown really desired because he had gotten frustrated with not being able to fit his Polo gear into the DB5's luggage compartment and did not like his dog to chew on his DB5s plush leather interior. So, one day David Brown walked into a board meeting where his engineers were present, with his dog named Candy, he plunked Candy on the table and told his engineers "Build me something for him to sit in".

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The C8 Corvette is Nearly Sold Out

Not a very surprising news. The new chapter in the 'Vette's history is almost sold out.

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Bottas and Gasly are under huge pressure following the German Grand Prix

As we just turn our heads for the Hungarian GP, two drivers are under huge pressure of losing their seat.

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How Is Fisker/Karma Still NOT The King of Luxury Market?

When Jeremy Clarkson was designing the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust, he chose a moustache, which made it better, so why hasn't Fisker/Karma been

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10 Car Companies That Need To Be Discontinued

The automotive market is crowded right now, which sounds ridiculous when you cut up this list, because most of it are FCA brands, but every company on this list could vanish, and have their models either discontinued or reshuffled in their corporate portfolios without any significant repercussions.

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These are the Top 10 engines of the past two decades

To top it all off, the International Engine of the Year Awards have given us a very controversial list of the best engines from 1999-2019.

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