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What does a week having no car launches have? A lot is the answer. This week was a taco of Good and bad news combined together sprinkled with some motoring debate. So lets have a look at what all has happened.

Novitec has had some big fun with the Tesla Model 3

Novitec - the German aftermarket tuner has a way to make your Model 3 stand out in the crowd. Since, they have been modifying Model Ss and Xs, they have extended the product offerings to the Model S as well.

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A very rare Mustang is for sale

The very special, very rare Tickford Mustang Bathurst '77 Special "Build #1" is for sale. But can you grab it in time?

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This Lotus Esprit is for sale for a steal

While this espirit might not be the one that Bond have, but it is very close and up for grabs?

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The once forgotten and destroyed Bentley now created again...

As part of the 100 Year celebrations of Bentley there has been a lot of work going on with Bentley. Now it has come with another jewel, the 1939 Bentley Corniche by Mulliner.

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BMW Announces its first three kill victims

Some bitter news coming. BMW due to the changes in the future plans, has increased its kill plans.

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Lamborghini could be killing the V12

This could be the worst news of whole year, let alone the week. Cue the tears.

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An Audi Q7 has done $1M worth of damage

A 'boy racer' in an Audi Q7 lost control of the car in the suburb of Chelsea, crashing into a McLaren MP4-12C, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga and a Porsche 911 Carrera among other cars.

Good News! The new Sandero RS is here

GOOD NEWS! Its a Dacia! Its a Sandero! And it is an RS! Have the French Gods showered all their blessings on us?

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This replica Ford GT40 is a must have for any petrolhead

Your average real Ford GT40 would set you back around $12 million. This isn't that easy to get, especially since not many people are willing to sell them either. This one however, is 'just' £336,000.

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Ferrari 250 GTO Replica Driven by Tom Cruise in 'Vanilla Sky' is up for sale

If you're a Ferrari fan and a Tom Cruise fan, then you are not going to want to miss out on this Mecum Auction. This was the very car used in the 2001 film, Vanilla Sky featuring Tom Cruise. It is a well known fact that it was a replica, but a good one.

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50-Year Reunion: 5 Cars from 1969, and Their Present-Day Versions

Five decades is quite a long time. So lets see how much these cars have changed in such a long period of time.

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10 Car-Related Things To See in Disney World

It's easy to get lost in the magic of Walt Disney World, but there are plenty of automotive wonders that exist, and ideas that are developed and implemented with a little help from Disney Board Member and CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra, who joined the company in 2017. There are plenty of car-related attractions to explore.

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Porsche Is The Automotive Equivalent of A Faustian Bargain

Dancing with the automotive devils has definitely paid off for Porsche.

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Tesla Facing a Class Action Lawsuit After Software Update

Owners feel that Tesla is trying to avoid a major vehicle recall by manipulating the range of older vehicles.

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New Tesla Model S and X buyers will get unlimited free Supercharging

Would this offer entice you to buy a Model S or X?

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Ford says the 2020 Shelby GT500 is faster than a McLaren F1... (sort of)

Speaking of challenging European supercars, Ford has recently announced the time it takes for the Shelby GT500 to go from 0mph to 100mph and back to 0mph. Amazingly, the large, ‘Murica-wagon can do the sprint in just 10.6 seconds.

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The Audi E-Scooter is a Real Thing

Audi revealed a new electric scooter this morning that is set to be released in 2020. With the vision of combining an electric scooter with a skateboard, Audi claim that this 12kg is their approach towards 'multi-modal mobility' - try saying that five times really fast!

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Brendon Hartley Confirmed for 2019/20 Formula E Seat

The Kiwi raced for Torro Rosso at the end of 2017 and for the duration of 2018 in Formula One, and was considered to have been outperformed by his teammate Pierre Gasly. Now he is ready to make his mark in the electrical stage.

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That's it for this week. Thanks for reading