Allan Moffat Replica 1983 Group C RX-7

The original car that this replica was based on was, unfortunately, destroyed in an accident.

Moffat (who had previously had success with the big Ford Falcons in Australian Group C Racing Cars) brought a little RX-7 in from the U.S., and turned Australian motorsport around to the point where the mighty little rotary was banned from competition!

The little peripheral-ported 330hp 13B Rotary blew the doors off the big Holden and Falcon V8s! Couple the extraordinary speed with outstanding handling, the RX-7 took several wins at circuits around the country including Lakeside and Sandown, and winning the 1082 and 1984 Australian Endurance championships.

To hear and see the RX-7 in full flight, click the link below!

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