almost 200 miles from new zoe

Renault's diminutive EV Almost doubles its range

4y ago

It’s just possible someone at Renault’s looking for a new job this week - A huge mistake (or should that be Faux Pas?) was made when news of the 2017 Zoe was posted on Renault’s website in the Netherlands a little bit earlier than Renault in France intended.

It’s pretty big news too revealing the 2017 electric Renault’s range will increase to 248 miles from the current car’s 140 miles.

This is really quite a coup for Renault as it puts the Zoe ahead of Driven’s own Long Term Test Car, the recently launched 2017 BMW i3 which runs out of electrons at somewhere between 120 and 160 miles.
It’s perhaps an indication that the upcoming Tesla Model 3 has got some of the car industry running scared - This 5 door Mondeo sized and priced fully electric family hatchback will reportedly have a range of up to 350 miles.

More than 400,000 people have placed deposits for the new Tesla with the firm saying its GigaFactory can build batteries for up to half a million cars every year.

However some industry specialists reckon Tesla is hugely in debt and others are predicting first deliveries of the new car could be 2 years late.

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  • The Model 3 isn't a fivedoor hatchback - four door sedan.

      4 years ago