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Fernando Alonso believes Lewis Hamilton is now the firm favourite for the 2017 F1 title with Sebastian Vettel left in a "risky situation".

Hamilton has opened up a season-high advantage of 28 points ahead of this weekend's Malaysia GP after taking advantage of Vettel's disastrous Singapore GP, when the Ferrari driver crashed with Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen at the start.

And McLaren's Alonso, who has competed against both drivers for world titles in the past, reckons Vettel has left himself no more room for error.

Asked by Sky F1 if the title was Hamilton's to lose and Vettel's best chance had gone, Alonso replied: "I think so.

"Now the championship is not as it was before Singapore where the two were equal. Now there's a clear advantage for Lewis.

"It's a risky situation now for Vettel.

"There is no more room for mistakes, while before they were in the same position. Lewis has a better chance now, but there are still six races remaining and anything can happen."

Despite the stewards ruling no driver was to blame for the Singapore pile-up, Vettel was widely blamed for triggering the accident - but Alonso reckons it was not so clear cut.

"It's difficult to judge," he said.

"In a wet start it's very difficult because the cars are very close together and the visibility is low, so you don't know where all the cars are all around you. So no one to blame, definitely. It was an opportunity lost for Ferrari, but there are more races to come so we will see what will happen next."

Alonso, a two-time world champion, was also asked by TV reporters what he would have done in the same situation as Vettel from pole position.

"It depends on your package," he replied. "When I was leading the championship and starting on pole position and tried to win the race normally I had not the best car. If you have the best car I don't know that situation."

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