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Alonso IndyCar test:

Although it has been officially know now that the Spaniard will not be competing in F1 next year the speculation around whether Alonso goes to IndyCar or WEC has been a topic of much debate.

It’s clear that Alonso’s quest for legendary status in Motorsport lies by gaining the unofficial Triple Crown (Monaco, Le Mans 24hr, Indy 500) ,only ever achieved by one other driver Graham Hill in 1972, and at two-thirds in he is only one victory short, the Indy 500 being the missing Jigsaw. Logically one would fairly assume that to win the Indy 500 Alonso would put all of his eggs into the one basket to maximise his winning chancing (more experience) by making the switch to IndyCar permanent but the recent success of the Toyota car in which he won Le Mans earlier this year has been enough to question whether he continues with making the Indy 500 a one off event but instead sandwiched in a WEC season rather than an F1 season

However, Andretti Autosport have all but confirmed that Alonso will be racing with them next season after releasing images of the Spaniard testing an IndyCar at Barber Motorsport Park on their Instagram account. As a result this will indefinitely allow Fernando to get to grips with the different characteristics and abilities of an IndyCar in greater deal enhancing his overall chancing of winning the Indy 500, and more importantly, to become the second man in history to win the Triple Crown



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