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Alonso relates Hamilton's Mercedes move to his Ferrari/McLaren decisions

The Spaniard has had fans and pundits raising questions on his decision-making.

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With Fernando Alonso still to win his third Formula 1 title, even after the much-hyped announcements of him joining Ferrari and McLaren-Honda - questions have been raised in the media about his decision making process.

The Spaniard had joined Ferrari just when Red Bull Racing showed its dominance for four years, leaving the Italian manufacturer in a spot of bother and more importantly, Alonso could only put up a fight for the title instead of winning them.

A subsequent return to McLaren with Honda, who were also making a F1 return in the new era, has also reaped no solid results for the 36-year-old, once again leaving him with years of promise, but no world title.

At the same time, his main rivals Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have enjoyed seven world championships between themselves, with Alonso having to ponder on the decisions made.

However, the Spaniard still believes the decisions he made to join and leave Ferrari at the time he did, while also the deal to join McLaren Honda as well - he feels no regret in doing so, because at that moment, the project always looked to give the desired results, citing Hamilton's Mercedes move as an example.

"I think every decision that I made in the past, there was a reason behind that. I heard and read that many people saying you never choose the right team and I tend not to agree with that," said Alonso in a live Q&A on his social media.

"I have been in Formula 1 for years now, most of those years I have been fighting for championships, fighting for podiums, so I feel extremely lucky. I drove for Renault, I drove for McLaren-Mercedes, I drove for Ferrari, I drove for McLaren Honda.

"Now, there are many people with crystal ball, at that time…..when Red Bull was winning championships, Red Bull at that time was just an energy drink, no more than that.

"Mercedes now is winning, but I remember very well when Hamilton went there, the first year it was not good. The years of Michael Schumacher, when he came back to Formula 1, Mercedes was not good.

"So, it was not as straight forward seasons as it seems now. I feel very proud to drive for McLaren Honda or Ferrari and so, no regrets," he explained.

From outside, it will surely look like blunders, but the way it worked for Vettel and Hamilton, as they also went in with a risk, it was worth a shot for Alonso. To his unfortunate luck, the results didn't come, despite the effort put in.

At this juncture, he is yet to firm his 2018 plans, but staying back with McLaren seems the obvious call, after the Woking-based outfit ditched Honda to join hands with Renault for the first time in its long-standing F1 involvement.

"Not many news [on future], still thinking, still deciding," he said. "I could have a decision already made, but there’s still some details that we need to figure out.

"As I said many times, I think my aim is to be the best driver in the world, the most complete driver in the world and for that you need to win in different series in different cars in different times and Triple Crown is still very big priority for me.

"I am working on that, I think it is going to be a very exciting 2018 season for motorsport fans, I hope you love that and I hope you’ll appreciate the extra effort."

Ever since his move to Indy 500 last year, it is no surprise of what Alonso has in his mind - to be the only second driver after Graham Hill to achieve the historic feat of a Triple Crown (Monaco GP victory/F1 title, a win in Indy 500 and a win in Le Mans 24 Hours).

Even though Alonso would like to return to compete in the Indy 500, but it looks less likely in 2018, since the race once again clashes with Monaco GP and this time around, he will not be allowed to miss the F1 race - if he stays with McLaren.

However, with Le Mans on a different weekend to F1, Alonso has a chance to make his presence felt in the category for the first time, but with only Toyota currently in the LMP1 class to give him a car to win, the decision on that front as well looks dicey, at least for 2018.

After so many fluctuations in his career, the motivation question always surrounds the drivers of Alonso's caliber. We saw with Rosberg, leaving the sport at his all-time high - at the time when everyone thought, he will have the biggest motivation to defend his crown.

"It is different motivation [now and then], I think when you start you always have dreams, you have the desire of showing the world your talents, your desire to success in Formula 1 and to have a career," he said.

"Now, I think you are still motivated because there are expectations always everytime you jump in the car, you feel also more responsible for the result of the team, you realize how many people work in the Formula 1 team.

"The commitment from the sponsor point of view, the commitment from everyone, so you have to deliver, so you have to be motivated. You have to deliver on Sunday afternoons.

"Overall, you probably are comparable, the first year and the last year, you are not exactly the same but with the same motivation of racing, of attacking, of overtaking, giving the best to the fans, to the teams and to yourself as well," he explained.

Apart from his future, Alonso also talked about the Halo, stressing the need of a cockpit safety device for driver's head protection, which causes severe injuries. He dismissed, once again, the aesthetic point of view, as a non-priority debate against safety.

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Comments (11)

  • Bad moves and crystal balls? Ask Jean Alesi what he thinks now about signing for Ferrari instead of Williams! You never can tell... LH is THE most lucky guy ever in F1, period.

      3 years ago
    • Alesi always springs to my mind when such talks are made. Such a waste of spectacular talent.

        3 years ago
  • What's currently happening to vettel at Ferrari is the same as what happened to alonso. They have him a chance but ultimately let him down through reliability and poor strategy. You can't blame fernando for wanting to move on. A lot of people were saying that Hamilton's move to Mercedes was a poor choice at the time but look how that's turned out.

      3 years ago
  • I think he is still the best driver overall but the train has already left the station for him. He may win some races but no titles.

      3 years ago
  • Look...Hamilton's Mercedes move was great for him..But for Alonso's move to McLaren..It invited Karma unfortunately.

      3 years ago
    • Yup. Maybe not bad decision from Alonso, just bad timing.

        3 years ago
    • McLaren is switching to Renault for 2018..If the engines are good and yet if Alonso cannot deliver..It will be depressing and a lot of trouble will come upon him..No one wants to see that after seeing what ever happened with him and...

      Read more
        3 years ago