Alpha Tauri & Scuderia Ferrari announce 2020 Car launch dates!

The two italian outfits are the first couple of teams to break the news to the fans.

1y ago

While some fans may not have expected F1 teams to announce the dates for the unveiling of their cars this early, we've already begun to hear early 2020 plans.

Scuderia Ferrari

The italian automotive giant was the first one to announce their launch date this early into the winter break. Ferrari will be the first team to unveil their Formula 1 car on February 11th, 2020, eight days prior to pre-season testing. The team does aim to retain the matte red color from 2019 and highlights that the new car will have downforce and that they expect it to be faster through the corners rather than having a lasting advantage on the straights.

Alpha Tauri

The rebranded sister team of RedBull Racing, Toro Rosso --> Alpha Tauri , will be carrying the name of the company's apparel division. We like the name, something different compared to "Redbull" in Italian. Alpha Tauri will unveil their Formula 1 car on February 14th, 2020. Atleast us (single) motorsport fans have something to look forward to on V Day.


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