Alpine, For pity’s sake, just unveil the damn car

2y ago


Though he’s unlikely to welcome the comparison, Alpine boss Michael van der Sande took a leaf out of Donald Trump’s book this morning, taking it upon himself to personally tweet some exclusive new details and pictures of the company’s upcoming sports car from his own account.

Of course, since no one knows who he is and he’s only got 372 followers, it was like David Beckham getting his cleaner to break the new that he’d left Vic and was preparing for a civil union with James Cordon. Or it would have been had the official @alpine_cars account not come to the rescue with a retweet.

Following on from last week’s tweets ( revealing the upcoming Alpine’s aluminium chassis and bodywork, the latest pics show simulated air being channelled across a flat underfloor toward a rear diffuser. The blandly non-technical blurb that goes with it declares that ‘the combination of a flat floor, a technique carried over from the world of supercars and high-level motor racing, and a rear diffuser located beneath the rear bumper will allow significant downforce and excellent stability.’

You don’t say. But what it goes on to say is slightly more interesting. Because Alpine claims this underfloor aero provides enough downforce that the design team didn’t have to incorporate a rear spoiler into the upper body design that might have ruined the retro-inspired lines.

We understand there are more of these teasers to endure before Renault drops full pics and some real detail of the Porsche Cayman rival at Geneva.

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