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Always on the Lookout

Why it’s important to survey your surroundings - at all times

1y ago

Being an automotive enthusiast, I am constantly looking at cars. I couldn’t help it if I tried. It doesn’t matter where I am or who I am with. I am forever scanning the landscape for something that might be slightly less than usual. A beautiful steering wheel or maybe a breathtaking paint job; a color scheme I have never seen before. There are plenty of fish out there and every parking lot, car dealership and highway is an ocean of “machinery-motoring-magic”.

Technology is wonderful. We now all have cameras 24/7 with the introduction of smartphones. No exceptions. That means we can capture the very essence of any moment with one of many modes. Want an artsy choice? Just change the setting to a matte finish. Want to place emphasis on the lettering or badging of an item? No problem! Zoom in with precision!

But the latest and greatest of gadgetry does not “make” the picture. You have to love what you photograph. You need to be able to understand the object that you are trying to portrait. This means you seek it out. You look for those things in life you deem worthy of your time.

I have been fortunate enough to have always had the pleasure of doing this. It’s not a job, not just a hobby. It’s like breathing or waking up. You may pour a bowl of cereal in the morning, but my blood gets pumping through the simple visual representation of these man-made beasts. Food for my very soul.

My advice to everybody: ALWAYS be on the lookout for something special.

That being said, please enjoy some of my recent finds. Just sitting in parking lots, looking pretty. And begging to be photographed.

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