Am I alone in thinking that Porsche went backwards in design when they changed the interior from the 996 to 997? After years of 996 bashing with comments about the 996 interior not being up to the same quality as the 993 I read in a Porsche magazine last week that the 997 interior is not standing up as well as the 996! I would go further and say the design is more interesting in the 996, especially if any squeaks are removed and it has the carbon pack and an Alcantara wheel - views?

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  • I agree that 996 interior is better; simple and functional. For me, plainer the better so no alcantara or carbon, all black is my choice. The central console with so many buttons and a screen spoils the 997 interior formy taste.

    And oh, among all planned, I plan lighten up things it tartan upholstery in the future, what do you think?

      3 years ago