Am I missing something or is DT as deserted as I feel it is becoming?

I've noticed a decreasing level of activty in DT, sometimes there is a gap of 1 week between worthwile/posts

I follow over 120 tribes, even more back when DT was launched but only like 20 are active with very long gaps between activities, tho to be honest, given the kind of posts I see now on a daily basis (if I'm lucky) they might as well qualify as non existent given their... quality or content sort of say.

But enough beating around the bush:

How the heck can I find new tribes? No matter where I look or how many times I do, I just can't find a way to find new tribes, only the ones that I'm already a member of. It's quite strange, I don't remember DT missing such a feature, also, I've seen comments and even a post complaining about DT getting glitchier as time passes, I don't know if thats why I'm having this problem.

How are things looking on your side?

Is the app glitched? Am I just blind? Or is there an actual content drought? (ignoring news)

Please tell me about your experiences in DT, I'm very curious about what could be going on, also, what active tribes would you recommend me?

Thank you for your time.

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Comments (3)

  • Sorry if Drivetribe feels a bit deserted. For me band and wrestling have picked up towards the end of the schoolyear and I think other drivetribers have similar obligations in these times.

      3 months ago
    • It's not just recently, it's been going on for over a year, regardless of school periods.

        3 months ago
  • There's not a content drought - in fact I can tell you we're adding more content than ever to our Homepages, with no change in strategy. Most posts don't make the homepage, so that's an indicator of a wider increase in posting.

    I'd suggest that the reason you're not seeing new tribes is because we don't allow users to create a new tribe anymore, as we had an absolute glut of them. Instead we encourage users to post in the existing, active tribes - including the official ones, which we've put under dynamic community leaders like Alessandro, Alex, Ben, Nolan, etc.

      3 months ago