AMA thank you and knee update

Thanks to the thousands of DriveTribers who joined James and me for the live video AMA on Friday.

And thanks also to all those asking after my health following my recent parking incident in Switzerland. The docs have cleared me to drive again and even to ride motorbikes - which I have been doing and loving.

They've also told me it'll be a good year or so before I can run again. I know, I know, telling James and Jeremy that would be like telling them they can't stick needles in their eyes to a year or so but I loved running, it's been my therapy and thinking time all my adult life and I'll miss it. They didn't cheer me any either when they told me I'll almost certainly need a replacement knee... a little earlier in life than I had quite anticipated I might add.

But hey, it would be a lot worse to be told I can run but I can't drive or ride a bike for a year.

If you missed the stream, you can watch it back here:

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Comments (60)
  • I'm not allowed to ride horses I still do I am likely to need knee doing before I'm 40 I'm 29 now scary prospect that.

    1 year ago
  • Doctor told me the same thing when I had my knee op a few years ago. I have put on a little weight 😟

    1 year ago


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