Amazing Corsica

Astonishing landscapes, beautiful curves... a perfect destination to enjoy your beast

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Corsica is characterized by arid plains, lush green hills, mountains covered with forests, white beaches, frightening cliffs, wild animals and much more ... this was my first trip aboard my LC8 - KTM 950 Adventure and I’ll never forget it!

Together with my girlfriend, we have prepared the two side cases with a few clothes and the Beast loaded with camping gear and set off for the adventure.

After a long and boring way on the highway from Rome to Livorno, we boarded the ferry and we set sail to the French island.
First stop of the trip was Bastia, the largest port in north-eastern coast.

On the ferry... we finally see Land!

On the ferry... we finally see Land!

From this port began the real adventure, the narrow and winding road led us to the north where we rode along a beautiful deep blue sea between curves, climbs and descents, and asphalt with a lot of grip.

we arrived at Cap Corse, "the tip of the finger", after a fast snack in a fishermans village we ventured in search of the first camping where we would spend the night. This campground is near the beach, but to get there you need to drive in off-road of medium difficulty but really amusing and enjoyable, between rocks, sand and mud puddles.

East coast blue sea

East coast blue sea

After the first night under the shooting stars, we left in the morning, ready for the next stage.

The great thing about riding in Corsica is that every day the landscape changes, the streets are different and everything is new!

So we continued on the West coast with breathtaking cliffs overlooking the sea, on narrow roads with no guardrails at all... here the first technical note: Corsica is not suitable for those who want to run, its streets are made to be enjoyed at low speed and in security.

Narrows road with no side protections

Narrows road with no side protections

So our trip went on, every day a new campsite in a new village.
Once in Porto, about halfway down the west coast, we crossed the island, by climbing to the summit of Col de Vergio (1470 meters), on a “forgotten by God” way in the mountains, the ono in the cover picture, where we met some wild pigs along the road, pay attention!


Great sound in the forest... :)

After other stops, we were back on the east coast and we boarded again to return to Italy.

It was sad to leave because we saw beautiful landscapes, unspoilt nature, warm and friendly people, so I promised to return to visit the South which is surely just as beautiful.

- In large cities lock well your bikes, it seems that the motorcycle thefts are very common.
- Bring something warm, even in summer it gets cold at night.
- Do not expect quality food, we have not been lucky enough to find a good restaurant, inform yourself before.

At this point I can only tell you, BON VOYAGE!

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